Charlie Acuff

Julio Silpitucla:

Neil Young

Greensky Bluegrass is a great band straight out of The Dirty Glove (K-Zoo).  Bluegrass live is wonderful when done well.  The Kalamazoo crew do not disappoint.  “Demons,” keeps a steady vibe going with some lyrics with depth make for a nice, smooth, seitz-filled experience.

The name is what grabs you.  Let us just begin with that.  And nobody can have a name so great, and be shit-pop.  The song, “Word of Mouth” does indeed start slow.  It’s slow guitar plucking and casual beats entice you only just enough to keep you listening.  The lyrics become intriguing.  You listen.  You listen some more.  Right as your attention drifts and you are ready to shut the song off, a voice bellows.  And you are hooked.

Great things coming out of Texas.

O’ Brother Where Art Thou (2000)

Vermont rocks.  Let’s be clear.  Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are from Vermont.  They rock.  Diverse, enough pop to stay in business, but definitely soulful.  And downright dirty.  “Go Down Low” is a beautifully crafted gem from their 2004 debut album, Original Soul.  It captures the band at its early stages, raw and pure.  Similar in a way to how early Black Keys material was rooted in soul and blues, this album lays the groundwork for their successful and integrity-maintaining transition into more mainstream labels and audiences

The boys from Duluth do music right.  Lake Superior Bluegrass at its best.  Palomino, their fifth studio album, was produced off of their own independent label, Banjodad Records.  It has it’s highs and lows, masterfully drifting between fast and love-laced hollers to slowed down and gritty blues.  An independent masterpiece from a Great Lakes band.

From the Iowa Soundbooth


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