You can email your submissions to thedirtygloveblog@gmail.com.  Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address (if it’s different than the one you’re sending from)
  • City and State
  • How (or if) readers who have questions can contact you directly (email, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Your commitment that you will check back with the blog for the 7 day period following your posting to respond to any questions left in the comments section.
  • A short bio – no more than a couple of sentences
  • For written submissions:
  • 300-500 words of an original story, poem, or opinion.
  • All relevant links  If you want a link to your personal or business website, please include up to 3 links in your bio.
  • 4-6 pictures you want included in your post – please upload these to Flickr, and send us the URL.

For photo submissions:

  • 4-6 clear, good quality photos
  • Captions for the photos
  • Please upload your photos to Flickr, and send us the links.  We’ll pull them off of that site.

For video submissions:

  • 2-5 minutes of video
  • A description, or caption
  • Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the link

While we won’t publish every submission, we will give careful consideration to each, and do our best to publish and promote quality work.

If you don’t want to be acknowledged by name, please let us know.


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