Eats on the Road: Cleveland

We in The Glove like to hate on our neighbors to the south (and most times, with good reason). Downtown Cleveland is the exception. Great people, good beer, and a deliciously simple pizza have changed our opinion.

Enter Great Lakes Brewing Co. Though they were closing quickly, The Glove was able to drink a great beer (Christmas Ale) and have a good conversations with Ed, a Boston born, Cleveland-claiming print industry retiree who provided a great deal of insight into the history of Cleveland. Great Lakes made last call at 4:30 for a private party, so The Glove ventured just around Market toward a phenomenal establishment called Bier Markt.

Despite the hipster-leaning name, Bier Markt is a true beer lover’s gem of downtown Cleveland. Katie, who tends the bar with Eddie, provided The Glove with a sample of the “Festivus Ale” by Market Hall Brewery, just across the street. Needless to say, a pint was purchased.

Not only did Bier Markt provide a phenomenal beer list, their food was superb. Though incredibly simple, the pizza on their happy hour menu was absolutely delicious.

Combining fresh gorgenzolla with slices of roasted garlic, Bier Markt is able to compliment their outstanding beer selections and service with an affordable and enticing happy hour menu.

Although The Dirty Glove will always support Michigan, we tip our hat to Cleveland for being a great beer city and representative of both good beer and all the Rust-Belt has to offer.





A few great, greasy, and inexpensive eats          Dec. 17, 2013


Tweeny’s Party Store off Michnicols in Detroit, MI

A few locations, but this was the one I most frequented when I would go into work with my father, who  taught at the now torn-down Detroit Redford High School for 25+ years.  A local establishment among those who loves greasy and crunchy wing-dings on a budget.  Or for those who simply like friendly, make-you-come-again service.

It’s all good, but the wings were on point with some hot sauce.


Roy’s Squeeze Inn off Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti, MI

The truth.  If you like burgers served to you in your car, hot and drippin’, then Roy’s is for you.  Ask anyone in the area who knows a thing about true, unadulterated, and absolute beef heaven.  They’ll tell you Roy’s, and so will we.


New Peking Restaurant in Bellingham, WA  (be sure to say hi to Sam!)

The Pacific Northwest knows it’s food, and it definitely knows it’s Asian cuisine.  Sam, the owner of New Peking, is as much of a reason to try this place out as the delicious food is.  As you are greeted with a genuine and truly passionate owner and host, you will soon be followed by some of the most mouthwatering and sincere Chinese food you have ever tried.

Try EVERYTHING!  At least once.  Especially the dumplings.

Clyde’s Drive-In off of US 41 in St. Ignace, MI

If you have ever driven to the Upper Peninsula, you have most likely seen Clyde’s.  A classic drive-in that shuts down during the winter months (if you don’t understand why, google “winter in the UP”), it thrives during the other four months by selling top-notch and hand-crafted burgers and shakes.  If you need a reason to the UP, google it and you will find your reason.  If nothing more, go for Clyde’s.  A good burger beckons you.





Dirty Suds for our Dirty Buds          Dec. 15, 2013

Be sure to check out this trailer for The Michigan Beer Film.  The Dirty Glove wholeheartedly supports Michigan-made beer, and those who enjoy it.

If you haven’t become acquainted with the wide range of beer the great state of Michigan has to offer, check out Short’s BreweryFounder’s Brewing, or many of the others that you can find on this site:


Below is also the link to the film’s website:



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