Morning Frustrations          January 29, 2014


         A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Your worst enemy.

We were just told by Facebook that we cannot send out friend requests for 2 days. We aren’t getting paid when companies used our Facebook info.  And we aren’t getting paid by WordPress.  As a matter of fact, we aren’t getting paid at all!

So until we as the consumer get the same range and freedom as the companies that use our information freely, we will continue to reach out to people for a profit of knowledge and community, not dollars.


Until Mark Zuckerberg starts paying us for the information and data Facebook collects and sells, we at The Dirty Glove will not stop trying to reach out to people. If Big Media is making a profit off of our info, we demand a cut of that. 

Otherwise, if they want to keep taking it for free and profiting, small start ups deserve to use social networking as a way to reach out to like-minded individuals who might want to find their news and media from an alternative, not-for-profit site.


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