Immigration and the Future of Detroit January 29, 2014

Immigration was one of the driving forces in Detroit’s economic and cultural prowess during the heralded years of the industrial revolution and into the mid-20th century. Detroit was, in many ways, the epicenter for a diverse and middle-class model city.

The politics of immigration, however, have become an often misunderstood and polarizing topic. We at The Glove are non-partisan, and will leave it to you decide. But we do feel that what is ultimately good for Michigan is good for the United States.

We need to remember that, first and foremost, the “Detroit Renaissance” needs to come just as much from those currently and generationally living in Detroit as it does from those outside of the city. All parties involved in this rebuilding process must have a say, and must be willing to compromise for the good of the whole.

These articles provide some insight from multiple perspectives on the topic:








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