Demanding Dollars For Our Data: Increase our “net” neutrality? Yes, please…
January 28, 2014

This ain’t no chocolate factory, Willy. And there is no
golden ticket.

We have all heard the recent news concerning the FCC’s “pending” decision and how it will impact the future of the internet. And The Glove only asks one question:

do we HAVE to capitalize everything?.

Seriously. Capitalization signifies individuality. Which, by the way, we enjoy here. However, the total and frequent capitalization of community-based, free willing, and truly free market driven entities inherently limits the ability to create without interference.

Think about television. People used to get maybe three or four channels. They wanted more. Technology advanced, and people bought cable. Then more companies opened as demand increased. Competition rose and products eventually became more affordable.

When the competition ceased in the early 2000s, leaving but a few Mega-Corps to run the media, we saw the manipulation of a market. And a market manipulated by any outside forces besides the consumers (and taxpayers) is a market that is not entirely free.

If the internet were truly a free market, the data and personal information of ours would not be a one-way transaction. If Mark Zuckerbook wants to sell our information to third parties or advertisements, we deserve a god damn cut. And a say in the negotiations of price.

What is certain is that throughout the world and throughout history, silencing free press has ultimately hurt free markets, and has not been sound economic or societal decision making.

Don’t believe us, then just look at the effects of censor-mongoring and limits in free press. China, North Korea, Russia. Should they be our contemporaries when it comes to dealing with media and press?

If our politicians on both sides want to preach free market rules, then we the people must preach that we must preserve the free press.

The internet is not television. It is a universal community. It is not simply a type of technology. In the 21st century, it defines technology.

If we stand for freedom, across all lines, than we should stand for net neutrality.

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