Sound Vibes from Sound Tracks Jan. 6, 2014

With the exception of a few films, such as the Cohen Brothers’ epic No Country of Old Men, a well-planned, thoughtful, and pertinent soundtrack drives the plot and the emotion of the film in a way no actor could. The Dirty Glove loves a great flick with great vibes. We want to share with you some of our favorites. Some are certainly recognizable, while other might be worth checking out.


Ghost Dog (1999)

In 1999 Jim Jarmusch, one of the most innovative minds in filmmaking, put to the silver screen a movie of such epically synchronized subtlety, violence, and transcendent beauty.  With Forrest Whitaker cast as the main character, Ghost Dog will forever be one of the most intriguing and most under-appreciated films of the 90s.  Though certainly not a Scorsese-esque gangster ensemble,  Jarmusch is able to find the crossroads of where two distinctly perpendicular cultural lines cross and diverge.

The soundtrack, extensively supported by the works of New York legends like RZA and Jeru the Damaja, brings forth one of the most indisputably gangster films of all time.


Easy Rider (1969)

Before he made a lot of shitty movies in the 90s playing diabolical villains, Dennis Hopper was a great supporting actor and a visionary director.  Along with Peter Fonda and Terry Southern, Hopper helped write, and directed, one of the most iconic timepiece films ever.  As a matter of fact, we would even go so far as to say it is not appropriate to call it a “timepiece”.  It is a film that, as the soundtrack still proves today, is both captivating and relevant to the free-wheeling, free-thinking culture of the West.  With help from music editor Donn Cambern, Easy Rider will always remain the top of Hopper’s best works.


Snatch (2000)

The cast.  The storyline. The timing of the songs.  Guy Ritchie delivers.

If you want more of a reason to see it then we suggest you go get, well, proper fucked.



And a few that also just need to seen and require no more than a few clips to justify why:


Friday (1995)

Drive (2011)

O’ Brother Where Art Thou (2000)


Superfly (1972)








2 thoughts on “Sound Vibes from Sound Tracks Jan. 6, 2014

  1. How can you not include the two-volume “Dazed and Confused” soundtrack? One of the all-time greatest movie soundtracks, in my humble opinion. Good call with “O’ Brother.” Great album.

    • You are correct indeed, D and C was a great soundtrack. Can’t argue with any soundtrack that includes Alice Cooper and pre-shit Aerosmith.

      To our defense, however, this was not a “top 10” list or anything of that manner. Just the ones we recently watched or listened to that were on our mind.

      There will undoubtedly be a Sound Tracks from Sound Vibes: Part 2…

      Thanks for the input though!

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