A Great Piece and Interview with Dirty Glove contributor and friend Timmy Moutrie…courtesy of P2P

DG has 3G

003I sat down and had a Skype conversation with Timmy Moutrie, a 27-year-old currently living in Frisco, Colo. Timmy and I have known each other for a couple of years, meeting through mutual friends in late 2010 in the Metro-Detroit area. He moved to Frisco in November 2012 and has hardly looked back since.

Timmy, who gave up a full-time salary position to work for hourly pay not much higher than minimum wage, fascinated me. I was always curious about what inspired him to give up a life so many people aspire to have only to live very fundamentally. One evening, he and I connected and I got to the bottom of his choices.


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5 thoughts on “#P2P Vol. 1: Timmy Moutrie

  1. Thanks for sharing! I had a great time talking to Timmy. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about his story. Here’s hoping it reaches the right person at the right time. That’s my goal for #P2P!

    • For sure! Timmy is a good friend of ours (the founder of The Dirty Glove played football with him in college and is a good friend). We really appreciate what your message is and what you do! If we can help your blog in any way let us know. Also, if you ever want to do a piece or become a contributing writer for us, let us know.

      • It’d be great to chat with you guys further and see how we may be able to benefit one another. Do you mind if I shoot you an email at your gmail on your blog, or would you prefer I use a different one?

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