Seitzin’ Vibes          Dec. 19, 2013     


Seitz, anyone?  Seitz, in Glover vernacular, is any form of free expression.  As a verb, to seitz or be in the act of seitzin’  is to express oneself fully, purposefully, and positively.  As a noun, it is a synonym for great power, nobleness, modesty, and admiration.  As a pronoun, it is a god-like mortal.

And certain songs are simply the embodiment of what is Seitz.  The following songs are for your seitzin’ enjoyment:



Greensky Bluegrass

Live in studio (via Second Story Garage)

Greensky is a great band straight out of The Dirty Glove (K-Zoo).  Bluegrass live is wonderful when done well.  The Kalamazoo crew do not disappoint.  “Demons,” keeps a steady vibe going with some lyrics with depth make for a nice, smooth, seitz-filled experience.

If it’s blue, and dirty, and from The Glove, we are going to probably like it.  Just sayin’.



“Word of Mouth”

Shakey Graves

Audiotree Live Sessions

The name is what grabs you.  Let us just begin with that.  And nobody can have a name so great, and be shit-pop.  The song, “Word of Mouth” does indeed start slow.  It’s slow guitar plucking and casual beats entice you only just enough to keep you listening.  The lyrics become intriguing.  You listen.  You listen some more.  Right as your attention drifts and you are ready to shut the song off, a voice bellows.  And you are hooked.

Great things coming out of Texas.




“One Day”


Ridin’ Dirty (1996)


The Underground Kings.  UGK for short.  Composed of members Pimp C and Bun B (“Big Pimpin’), the Texas duo understand seitz.  They get it.  With “One Day,” a sample from the Isley Brothers becomes a next generational seitzin’ masterpiece.  1996.  Southern rap pre-Lil’ John.  Before the sell-out.  Before the crunk, before the trap, there was the Dirty South G-Funk.  And it was positively dirty.  The South has a deep history, a current and long-lasting depression, and racial divides that are still evident, though subtle.  UGK understood that, and wrote about it.  Big Boi and Andre understood it, and wrote their version.  Cee-lo even understood it before he became a pawn in the whole game.  And Dave Chappelle, the true Def stand-up voice of that generation, also got it.

Every good vibe has a good voice behind it. Rest peacefully Pimp-C.





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