Our lakes should not be available for international sale!          Dec. 19, 2013

Still waiting on a more viable news agency to confirm this story, however it does bring up an interesting debate.  We at The Dirty Glove do not support or endorse the sale of Great Lakes water, domestic or international.  What do you think?





3 thoughts on “Our lakes should not be available for international sale! Dec. 19, 2013

  1. The Dirty Glove tries to be non-partisan. We support all political dialogue as long as it is worthwhile and not filled with hate and false information. We also encourage using multiple media outlets and fact checking. We really just wanted to generate a discussion, which we are so pleased you took the time to join in on and initiate.

    By no means is RedFlag an entirely credible news source. We also in no way intended on pinning Nestle’s plant on President Obama. If you want to see a great film that discusses that plant, check out the documentary called Flow (2008). It really examines both the politics and the economics behind Big Water.

    We appreciate your response and your interest in our site. Please continue! We would love to also use your blog and insight as a contributor for The Dirty Glove.


    The Glove

  2. Likewise the original cited source, The Western Center for Journalism, is not a site that The Dirty Glove would typically use and we certainly do not endorse the vast majority of their views (for example, their sympathy for the Duck Dynasty clan and current situation).

    The topic, however, of selling Great Lakes water has been one in the news for some time, and we felt it was interesting enough to spark discussion. But as you know, correlation (water levels and water sales, in this case) does not indicate causation.

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