Live Vibes          Dec. 17, 2013

Today seemed like a day with a lot of emotion that we might not be able to deal with just yet.

Listen to some real live vibes and let it all sink deep.

“Old Man”

Neil Young

Live at Massey Hall (1971)

Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall is near the summit of what a live folk experience could be.  He gives a solo, instrumental, and vocal ensemble that is both tremendous and subtle.  

And he did it just how we at The Glove like it.  Stripped down, real, and dirty.

“See My Jumper Hanging on the Line”

RL Burnside

Alan Lomax Archives (1978)

RL Burnside was folk.  He was soul.  He is blues.

And Alan Lomax, John Bishop, and Worth Long did the world a huge favor by filming this in 1978.  Keep in mind this was shot over 30 years ago, and the man looked old then.  RL Burnside claims to have gone to prison in his early years.  He said he never killed a man, but he shot a man in the head once and that him dying was between him and the Lord.

Whatever the case, we aren’t going to try to put Mr. Burnside on any type of societal pedastal.  We just want to listen to the music.

And we just want to leave you with this great piece by Julio Silpitucla:


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