Pure, Blue Vibes          Dec. 16, 2013

“Same Boy You’ve Always Known”

The White Stripes

White Blood Cells (2001)

It was winter, 2001, and I was sitting in a 1987 Toyota Corolla in a K-Mart parking lot (yes, K-Mart) in Brighton, Michigan.  While waiting for my father to come out of the store,  I turned on 89x, and it became clear that not only was meaningful rock still alive and well, its pistons were pumping straight out of the Motor City.

Simple, raw, and chock-full of emotion, White Blood Cells highlights and epitomizes the garage-blues roots of The White Stripes rise to fame, and Jack White’s establishment as rock royalty.  “Same Boy You’ve Always Known” is the best example, in our opinion, of capturing the tone of this phenomenal album.  With it’s mixture of violent beats and subtle lyrics, we are reminded that despite the different paths that the members of The White Stripes have gone, the Cass Tech High alum is still most certainly the same boy we always knew.

“My Soul’s in Louisiana”

Otis Taylor

White African (2001)

If you like eerie, acoustic, and soul-wrenching blues, Otis Taylor is your man.  “My Soul’s in Louisiana” opens the album which won “Best Artist Debut” for at the 2001 Blues Music Awards with a ghostly story of a misplaced soul.  Though not complex in either sound or structure, this song and album reverberate with the duality that it’s title would suggest.  A true gem among more contemporary blues-seekers.

“Just Got Back From Baby’s”

ZZ Top

ZZ Top’s First Album (1971)

Before the beards, before the synthesized sell-out, and before the 80s yet again claimed another great and pure blues-fused sound, there was a band called ZZ Top.  That band had an album.  And it was really fucking good. “Just Got Back From Baby’s,” as well as the rest of this fine album,  vibes to tracks reminiscent of many of the greats that preceded them.  Similar to our views on Journey without Steve Perry, The Glove is a fan of the pre-beard, pre-Reagan ZZ Top.  Beards are great, but blues is better.


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