Vibes from the Vault          Dec. 15, 2013

“Stones Throw”

Little Barrie

We Are Little Barrie (2005)

These boys from the UK knew they had a good thing brewing when they dropped their first album, We Are Little Barrie, back in 2005.  While The Glove is unapologetically invested in promoting more locally grown vibes, we have to give credit when credit is due.  There is no denying that the music from across the pond has influenced many of our greatest bands.  Little Barrie is able to remind us that despite the ocean that separates us, good music is just a stones throw away.

“God Loves Ugly”


God Loves Ugly (2002)

Back in the early 2000s when Lil’ John was busy exploiting himself for every possible penny, and MTV was on its way to becoming the most egregiously shitty media outlet in recent history, there was something independent and pure coming out of the Twin Cities.  With the title track off of this 2002 indie-rap staple, Slug spits the self-depricating truth that very few can with such success.  In a time where excess and flash was the name of the game, Slug and the rest of the Rhymesayers label were slapping on their dirty gloves to carve out there own path.  With it’s simple beat and razor-sharp lyrics, “God Loves Ugly” is hard to compete with.

“Hold Your Head High”

Heartless Bastards

The Mountain (2009)

We would certainly not argue with the decision by The Black Keys to leave Fat Possum Records for a more diverse, marketable record label.  However, we have a massive amount of respect for the Fat Possum sound, and the Heartless Bastards are a very big reason why.  From their 2009 breakout album The Mountain, “Hold Your Head High” finds a way to blend  depressing lyrics with an upbeat and empowering tone which Erika Wennerstrom’s voice perfectly accentuates.


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