Lochloosa (2004)

Though never achieving elite mainstream status, JJ Grey and the guys from MOFRO have been a driving force in the independent music scene coming out of the south since the 90’s.  And they are the type of down, dirty, and real soul the Glove is all about.

“Lochloosa” leaves us at the Glove thinking a little harder about home, and what it means to love your land, wherever you may be.

Clear Soul Forces

“Get No Better”

Detroit Revolutions (2012)

Revolution indeed.  Big Sean might be the name out of Motown most novice hip-hop heads are familiar with, but Clear Soul Forces bring a nostalgic sound reminiscent of the days of Grant Hill Sprite commercials.  “Get No Better” brings a vibrant, jazz-infused sound that you can’t help but bob your head to.  With Detroit Revolutions being their first major album to date, expect more things to come from the Clear Soul force.


“Come in Out of The Rain”

Osmium (1970)

Say what you will about George Clinton, but the man is arguably one of the most innovative, daring, and truly talented musicians and songwriters of our time.  In 1970, after leaving the Motown scene with his band The Parliaments, Clinton went on to form and lead the two bands that would eventually become Parliament-Funkadelic.  While his group, Funkadelic, entered the scene in 1970 with their self-titled album that stayed true to their new psychedelic tones, his other band, Parliament, was planning on playing to a totally different tune.  The track “Come in Out of the Rain,” off of their debut album Osmium, captures the essence of the culture at the time.  Keeping in mind that many overlook this album entirely, consider this track an introduction to what is a truly eclectic and noteworthy album.


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