Sometimes you just are in the mood to vibe to your own beat.

Put on your dirty gloves and dig into these jams:

Kids These Days

“Doo Wah”

Traphouse Rock (2012)

With “Doo Wah”, as with many of the other tracks off of their debut (and only major) album, MC Vic Mensa and the Kids from Chi-Town find a way to beautifully blend harmonizing vocals, horn and rhythm driven rock, and emcee skills that would make any logical midwest hip-hop junkie erase Chief Keef from their lexicon.  Despite disbanding less than a year after the album dropped, it’s impact on the Kids’ careers is evident, as they all have branched away into separate successful musical  pursuits.

Although hints of The Pixies might make you think initially of Tyler Durden, I assure you that this is a track that holds true to the bands originality and diversity.  Hopefully at some point they will all get back together.


“Mystery Mountain”

Journey (1975)

Most people know the “Don’t Stop Believing” band for their frontman Steve Perry.

Fuck Steve Perry.

Before Steve Perry, before 80’s glam rock songs were turned into mullet-whippin’ anthems in various tiki-bars across the Mid-Atlantic, and before Ronald Reagan sucked the last drop of marrow remaining from the bones of artistic possibility with his War on Drugs, there was a Perry-less Journey.

And that Journey rocked.  Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie were the captains of a psychedelic jazz space ship that was lost in 1977.

From their self-titled debut album (check out that album cover!),

The Dirty Glove is proud to present:


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