A few tidbits and tunes:

“Hold On”, Boys and Girls

There are those rare songs that, after just a few seconds of chords or a few brief beats, you know have instantly won over your soul.  Alabama Shakes did that with the single, “Hold On”, about a year and a half back.  Since then, they have increased their mainstream success with their album Boys and Girls, and will soon be impossible to see outside of large venues and stadiums.

Winter has come.  A tribute to one of the greatest places on Earth to experience it.

And for those thinking about a vacation as the new year approaches:

Top 20 Travel Destinations for 2014







2 thoughts on “Dirty, Cold Soul Dec. 11, 2013

  1. I was hoping that I would see some classic rigabigabingbong mountain songs from the Armenian Shakes. The famous Bilo tambourine group from the Hagop Hills region.

    • The Dirty Glove does not condone or subscribe to the posting regarding the Armenian culture and it’s people. However, our philosophy is prided on open dialogue, as long as it is productive and objective in nature. So long as it is humorous yet unoffensive, banter will also be tolerated, though frowned upon. Racist and derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

      Respect the Dirt. Don’t be the dirt.

      The Glove

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